The Termination of Rutgers Coach Mike Rice, Jr.

Mike Rice, Jr. was an assistant collegiate basketball coach at a number of universities, including Marquette (1994-1997), and became the head basketball coach at Robert Morris University from 2007-2010. At Robert Morris, Rice compiled a record of 73 wins and 31 losses during his tenure and participated in the first round of the NIT and NCAA tournaments. In 2010 he was hired as head basketball coach at Rutgers University (Rutgers), a member of the Big East Conference. His record at Rutgers through the 2013 season was 44 wins and 51 losses, without a tournament appearance. On or about May 6, 2010, Rice and Rutgers entered into an employment contract. The term of the contract was from May 6, 2010 through April 7, 2015. Rice received two forms of compensation, a base salary and guaranteed compensation.