The following list provides an overview of real estate law and sports law articles authored or co-authored by Martin J. Greenberg.

Featured Article
For the Record: The Official Newsletter of the National Sports Law Institute
Marquette Sports Law Review
The Wisconsin Lawyer
  • Commercial Lease – Listing Contracts – Dangers for the Unwary, December, 1993, p. 12
  • Greenberg on Greenberg, October 1998
Greenberg’s Coaching Corner
Southeast Wisconsin Professional Baseball Park District
  • Ten Years Later:  Miller Park and Real Estate Development in the Village of West Milwaukee and Menomonee Valley (2012).
The Sports Lawyer
  • College Coaches at the Bargaining Table – Employment Contract, September, 1989
  • To Play or Not to Play, September, October 1993
  • The Nuances of Termination Clauses, 1998
  • The Name is the Game, 1998
  • No Games, No Rent, 1999
  • Most Favored Nation Clauses, 1999
  • Stadium Financing and Franchise Relocation Act, 2000
Hanaekthe International Sports Law Review, 1995
  • Sports Contracts
International Athletic Foundation Supplement to Sport and Law, 1995
  • Enforcing Sports Contracts
British Association for Sport and Law Journal
  • The Legal Aspects of the Tonya Harding Figure Skating Eligibility Case, Summer 1993
  • The NBA – A Model for Success, 1995
  • Designing and Implementing a Sports-Based Risk Management Program, 1997
Fifth Conference – International Association for Sports Law, 1997
  • Commercialization of Athletes:  Opportunities, Restrictions, and Protections
I.A.S.L. Congress, 1997
  • What the Future Holds for the European Transfer System:  The American Experience
The Milwaukee Lawyer
  • Use of Land Contract as a Financing Tool, 1977
  • Due-On Sale:  An Update, 1984

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