Expert Witness Services

When litigation becomes necessary, we can provide expertise – and a level head.

Milwaukee Attorney, Martin J. Greenberg brings forty-plus years of experience to every situation. Greenberg’s reputation and insight make him valuable for even the most complex sports law – expert witness cases.

Following is an overview of our experience in this area:

  • Greenberg testified with respect to the utilization and legal enforceability of exit or departure fees when a team leaves a league, and the proper drafting thereof.
  • Greenberg provided expert witness services in the case of Mike Kramer vs. University of Montana-Bozeman. Kramer was released from his coaching position not for cause, but the University essentially listed causes for his release, thereby damaging his reputation and making subsequent employment impossible. Greenberg was asked to testify as to whether the University followed proper procedures in the release of its coach.
  • Greenberg provided expert witness services in the case of Kareem Abdul Jabbar vs. his agent, Tom Collins, relative to the fiduciary duties of agents in representing their players and whether or not Collins violated Union regulations as to NBA agents and common law fiduciary responsibilities that agents owed to athletes. He testified in Federal court in Denver, Colorado.
  • Greenberg provided expert witness services for the Baltimore Orioles in their dispute with the Maryland Stadium Authority with respect to a parity clause in their lease that required the Orioles to obtain the same benefits as any other professional sports franchise would obtain from the Maryland Sports Authority, i.e. the lease to the Baltimore Ravens.  Greenberg testified as to what lease adjustments would be necessary in the Orioles lease.
  • Greenberg provided expert witness services for an NBA team in a dispute with a fired coach relative to the mitigation of damage clause in the coach’s contract. Greenberg testified in an arbitration hearing as to the coach’s worth and meaning of the mitigation of damage clause.
  • Greenberg provided expert consulting services regarding stadium lease issues for the San Diego Tribune, Baltimore Orioles and Nashville Predators.
  • Greenberg provided consultant services relative to the structuring of Major League Baseball teams and the potential liability of owner relating to personal injury claims on the premises in an attempt to pierce the corporate veil.
  • Greenberg provided expert witness services in the matter of Paterno, et al. vs. NCAA, et al.  regarding the employablility of assistant coaches.
  • Greenberg provided expert witness services in the matter of Bret A. Bielema vs. The Razorback Foundation, et al. regarding the interpretation of what constitutes the mitigation of damages when a coach is terminated without cause and whether or not Bielema met that standard.
  • Greenberg acted as an expert witness for a college coach with respect to the standard in the industry for buyout clauses in college coaches’ contracts.
  • Greenberg acted as an expert witness and consultant with respect to interpretation of a professional sports lease and who was responsible for payment for outstanding debt on the sports facility.
  • Greenberg has been hired as an expert witness for a coaches agent relative to the standard of care in the industry with respect to advising college coaches on tax matters relative to their financial package.

Sports law can be complicated.  Working with us never will be.