Coaching Abuse Cases for Student Athletics

Student Athlete Abuse | Martin J Greenberg AttorneySince 2015, The Law Office of Martin J. Greenberg has been representing student-athletes who alleged they have been physically, mentally, emotionally, or sexually abused by their coaches. Since that time we have worked with student-athletes from Penn State, Auburn, Rutgers, Wisconsin, Purdue, High Point University, Texas Christian University, and Stephen F. Austin State University, Bowling Green State University, Grand Canyon University, to name a few.

Speaking out against bullying and abusive behavior whether mental, physical or sexual, is an action near and dear to Attorney Martin J. Greenberg’s heart. For the past several years Greenberg has been representing student-athletes with claims of alleged abuse and bullying against universities and colleges, and their athletic departments and coaches in a variety of sports. His first case involved the whistle-blowing complaint of an Assistant gymnastics coach at Penn State University which led to the dismissal of their women’s gymnastics coach. Since that initial case five years ago, Greenberg has represented student athletes from across the country in sports ranging from basketball to golf to horseback riding to softball to swimming.

The journey begins by writing a position statement to President and Athletic Director detailing the alleged abuse and bullying which includes statements from student-athletes, their doctors, and/or their families. The intent is to generate the wheels of the university administration to start an investigation and/or hire an independent investigator. In the event that the concerns of our clients are not taken seriously we assist the clients in finding suitable means to bring the matter to the attention of the public. In some instances the national news has picked up the stories.

What We Seek To Do

To either have the coach dismissed or sanctioned, student scholarship and eligibility reinstated, attorneys fees recouped, and public apologies for infliction of abuse.

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