The following list provides an overview of real estate law and sports law editorials authored by Martin J. Greenberg.

Attorney Martin J. Greenberg - Editorials on Sports, Real Estate and BusinessLos Angeles Daily Journal
  • An Exemption in Jeopardy, 1995
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
  • Legal Questions Become More Prominent for those Overseeing Athletic Programs, April 1, 1992, p. 12
San Diego Daily Transcript
  • Pro Sports Franchises Play a Costly Game with Cities Across America, 03/28/1996
The Business Journal
  • This Bud’s For You, So Buy a Ticket, 4/10/1998
  • MMAC is ‘Unsung Hero’ of Brewers Stadium Project, 03/07/1997
  • Professional Sports Becomes a Game of Survival of the Richest, 7/10/1993
  • Could Milwaukee Become the San Francisco of the Midwest? 9/12/1992
The Sporting News
  • When Baseball’s Best Interest Isn’t Served, Spring 1993
The Marquette Lawyer
  • Real Estate Practice, It’s Not What it Used to Be, 1976
National Law Journal
  • Benching of an Athlete with Medical Problems May Spur Legal Problems, Feb. 22,1993
The Milwaukee Sentinel
  • Federal Government No Longer Friendly Toward Commercial Real Estate Owners, March 9, 1992, P. 10B
  • Litigious Society Challenging for Real Estate Professionals, April 5, 1993, P. 10B
  • Athletes Need Better Protection, 3/01/1994
Athletic Business Magazine
  • ‘Throw Them to the Lions’ – The Sacrifice of Athletes and Academic Integrity in the University Sports Arena, April, 1990.

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