Amateur Athletics

The Law Offices of Martin J. Greenberg provides client legal services, representation, and superior expertise to amateur athletes and school districts in a variety of ways including the following services:

  • Expert analysis of written materials provided for athletic programs and perfection of athletic codes of conduct and due process procedures;
  • Representation for eligibility issues;
  • Consultations in many different areas of Sport Law;
  • Risk Management for Sports;
  • Analysis of written materials used in high school athletic programs, including athletic code of conduct;
  • Provide custom–written manuals or forms for use in high school athletic programs;
  • Title IX Consultations;
  • Risk Management presentations for coaches and administrators at high schools and universities (14 Duties of Care);
  • Representation for expulsion hearings
  • Disability issues.
Amateur Athletics Expertise, Janis K. Doleschal

Jan Doleschal is one of Wisconsin’s experts in the area of amateur athletics. Former City of Milwaukee Commissioner of Sports and Athletics, Janis K. Doleschal, works with the Law Offices of Martin J. Greenberg, LLC. to offer services to Wisconsin amateur athletes participating in high school sports and to school districts looking to improve their overall operations and the management of their athletic departments.

Doleschal served as Commissioner of Sports and Athletics for the Milwaukee Public Schools from 1974 to 2002. Initially hired as a Co-Commissioner of Athletics, her first assignment was to develop the high school girls interscholastic athletic program. When her Co-Commissioner retired in 1986, she became the sole Commissioner. During her last ten years at MPS, she was responsible for the administration of all high school interscholastic athletics and interscholastic academics as well as the pre-kindergarten through elderly sports programs in the Milwaukee Recreation Department of the school district. Doleschal has also served as either the Presenter or the Independent Hearing Officer for expulsion hearings for MPS for over twenty years.

Upon her retirement from MPS in 2002, she conducted the “Start Playing Safe” program which offered free risk management assessments to high schools within the State of Wisconsin. Doleschal is an international lecturer in risk management, and has lectured in South Africa, the Hague, and the UK as well as at many conferences in the United States.

Doleschal is a current member of the National Sports Law Institute Board of Advisors for Marquette University where she is also an Adjunct Professor, teaching graduate courses in Sport Law and Sport Finance. She has served on numerous committees for the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association, and on both the WIAA Advisory Council and Board of Control as well as serving on the Wisconsin Special Olympics Board of Directors.

Doleschal holds four degrees, including an LLM in International Sports Law from Anglia Polytechnic University Law School in Chelmsford, England. She is also a Certified Athletic Administrator through the National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association. In 1997, she was elected Wisconsin Athletic Director of the Year, and in 1999, Doleschal was inducted into the Wisconsin Sports Hall of Fame for her work as an athletic administrator.



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