Sports Facility Development

If your team needs a new or renovated venue, that’s where we come in.

Martin J. Greenberg provides not only sports law experiences but also over forty years of experience in real estate law. This combination leads directly into a concentration in the area of sports facility development.

Sports Facility Development - Marty J. Greenberg
Sports Facility Development

Services Overview:

  • Financing options
  • Negotiating and building the public-private partnership
  • Facility lease negotiation and drafting
  • Drafting of sports facility contracts, including naming rights agreements, sponsorship agreements, pouring right agreements
  • Real estate development as part of the sports facility development
  • Vendor contracts
  • Risk Management Agreements
  • Memorandums of Understanding
  • Non-relocation Agreements

Following is an overview of our experience in this area:

  • Created the National Sports Law Institute Symposium entitled “Sports Values, Venues and Revenues” and provided seminars during the facility boom of the 1990s to lawyers and sports industry personnel.
  • Participated at the Brookings Institution in Washington, D.C., on the topic of stadium finance.
  • Presented on the subject of sports facility development to the American Bar Association, Sports Lawyer Association, International Association of Assembly Managers, Minnesota Bar Association, Wisconsin Bar Association and the Economic Club of Florida.
  • Authored a book, “The Stadium Game,” that is considered the seminal work in the field of sports facility development.
  • Filed a report with the Southeast Wisconsin Professional Baseball Park District Board relative to the financial valuation of naming rights and construction build-outs for Miller Park.
  • Represented a local community business group in the negotiation of a Ticket Guarantee Agreement with the Milwaukee Brewers and loans to be made by the business community to the Milwaukee Brewers for completion of Miller Park.
  • Served as legal counsel for Scheer Game Sports Development, LLC, a sports facility development company.
  • Involved with facility development at 10+ venues nationwide.
  • Undertook a historical study of relocation clauses in Major League Baseball leases.
    Non-Relocation Agreements in Major League Baseball: Comparison, Analysis, and Best Practice Clauses
  • Member of the Southeast Wisconsin Professional Baseball Park District Board (Miller Park Board) – March 2008 – June 2012
  • Wrote a report for the Southeast Wisconsin Professional Baseball Park District Board entitled
    Ten Years Later:  Miller Park and Real Estate Development in the Village of West Milwaukee and the Menomonee Valley” – June 2012
  • Was Chairman of the Board and responsible for Wisconsin State Fair Park, the Wisconsin Exposition Center, and the Milwaukee Mile from 2003 to 2008 and is familiar with special events and risk management associated with special events.
  • Presented a paper on the subject of risk management to the International Association of Assembly Managers.
  • Wrote an article for the Marquette Sports Law Review about real estate development in conjunction with sports facility development entitled “Sports.Comm.”
  • Was involved in attempting to bring Major League Soccer to Milwaukee and to develop the Park East Corridor into a sports community development (Sports.Comm) where a soccer field would have been the centerpiece of a mixed used development.
  • Helped create the concept of an Action Sports Village that would have encompassed a mixed use development using as a centerpiece action sports.
  • Assisted a client in creating a proposed college baseball complex on a piece of land previously utilized for industrial purposes.
  • Represents a major provider of stadium technology for sports facilities worldwide.
  • Drafted Memorandum of Understanding for Naming Rights, Branding, and Proprietary Agreement for Sports and Entertainment Districts.
  • Created Letters of Intent and Memorandums of Understanding with respect to privatization of sports facilities in various communities relieving taxpayers of further liability.


Sports law can be complicated.  Working with us never will be.

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