CEOs in Headphones – POSTSCRIPT

College coaches' contracts for public institutions, unless limited by some state law exception, are open to the public for review. By making an open records request, universities will provide copies of coaches' contracts and any amendments thereto. From a review of the coach's contract and what is reported by the coach to the university with respect to athletically related income, plus a determination as to whether bonuses prescribed were achieved, one could come to a fairly good understanding of what a coach's total compensation package approximates.

CEOs In Headphones – Financial Engineering

The college coach of today is required not only to be an instructor, but also act as a fund raiser, recruiter, academic adviser, public figure, budget director, television, radio and internet personality, alumni glad-handler, and any other role that the university's athletic director or president may direct him to do. Sports sociologists would opine that college coaches suffer from a condition known in the social science discipline as ‘role strain;’ that is, they have far too many roles to fill at very high levels of performance. It is no wonder why big time college coaches are compensated the way they are -- the job environment dictates the high compensation level.