Open Letter to President Mark Emmert of the NCAA – Abuse Must End

An Open Letter to the NCAA Regarding the Endemic Problem of Physical and Mental Abuse by Coaches in College Athletics – ABUSE MUST END. Student-athletes, as you can see, are a vulnerable group at a university. Abusive coaches who win typically have strong support from the university and the community. Because of the atmosphere of fear that abusive coaches can create, student-athletes “avoid speaking up for fear of being seen as a complainer or a troublemaker, injuring their opportunity to play.

Zero Tolerance – Abuse Must End – An Opinion

College coaches, administrators and conferences are struggling with the boundaries on what exactly crosses the line in reprimanding, chastising, disciplining, or dishing out what's known as “tough love” to student athletes. Universities need be more concerned with protecting their athletes from an abusive coach than protecting themselves from legal action. Abuse is not good coaching, even when it results in winning. Placing winning games or revenues above sportsmanship, decency, fairness, and ethics is out of the question.